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2009 Ferret Symposium
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2008 Ferret Symposium
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2008 Ferret Symposium : where & when?


When? Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th May 2008

Where? Coolaroo Hotel, Coolaroo (Melbourne)

Cnr Barry Rd & Maffra St, Coolaroo VIC 3048

Ferrets are gaining popularity as pets in Australia and often present a challenge to veterinarians with their unique suite of diseases and health requirements.

At the two-day Ferret Health Symposium, veterinarians and ferret specialists from Australia and overseas will be giving presentations dealing with anatomy, physiology, diseases and behaviour of the domestic ferret (Mustela furo).

As well as being very educational, this symposium also promises to be a very sociable event!


Who can attend the Symposium?

Everyone is welcome! Ferret owners, vets, vet nurses, students or anyone just interested in ferrets.

What should I wear to the Symposium?

Neat casual.

Can I bring ferrets?

Sorry, no. The hotel does not allow pets. We have special permission for 2 ferrets to be there for the purpose of demonstration only, so hopefully they will prevent ferret-withdrawal symptoms.

How far is the Coolaroo from the airport?

From the main airport (Tullamarine) it's about 13kms, and the cab fare is about $20.

From Avalon Airport it's about 40km and the cab fare is about $65-$70.

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