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Welcome to International Ferret Congress Australia (IFCA)

IFCA is the Australian branch of the International Ferret Congress(IFC), based in the USA. There are also branches in Canada and the Netherlands. The IFCA strives to act as a channel of communication between Australian ferret owners and groups and the rest of the world to share advances in ferret information for all to benefit. It is important to note that IFCA, although a branch of IFC, is independent from it and other branches except for having similar aims.

The aims of IFCA are:
1. To promote ferret care that will optimise the mental and physical wellness of the domestic ferret (Mustela furo).
2. To provide information about ferrets and ferret care to all people, clubs or businesses that deal with ferrets.
3. To promote proper health care and knowledge about ferrets by contact with veterinarians.
4. To promote and represent ferrets’ best interests at Local, State and Commonwealth Government levels.
5. By the organising of symposia and forums, seek to educate, inform, and support best practises of ferret husbandry.
6. To be both a source and receptor of information regarding ferret health and husbandry by communicating with similar organisations worldwide.

Initially, IFCA will work towards two main goals:

The first goal is to provide ferret owners and ferret health care workers and students with annual symposia for communication and education for all who attend.

The second goal is to work with the RSPCA and government departments in all states to have the domestic ferret (Mustela furo) recognised as a domestic pet and afforded the same protection as other pets, such as cats and dogs.

IFCA is not in any way a regulatory body, nor does it exist to duplicate services provided by local societies. IFCA will refer ferret owners or potential owners to their local ferret society for all member services including rescue services.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.
You can use the "contact form" on the left of the screen.

IFCA is the Australian branch of the International Ferret Congress (www.ferretcongress.org)

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