2008 Symposium DVD Set - International customers     
Set of 5 DVDs featuring all presentations from the 2008 Symposium. Each disc has a professional menu screen so you can skip straight to the presentation you want. There is approximately 10 hours of footage overall.

* Disc 1: History of Domestication (Bob Church), Blockages (Dr David Neck), Heartworm (Dr Lynda Bonning)

* Disc 2: Enrichment (Bob Church), Ferret-proofing inside and out (Shirley Hewett), Adrenal Disease (Dr Jerry Murray)

* Disc 3: Teeth & Diet (Bob Church), Sarcoptic Mange (Dr Lynda Bonning), Insulinoma (Dr Jerry Murray)

* Disc 4: Diet Logistics (Shirley Hewett), Cardiomyopathy (Dr David Neck), Natural Diet & Periodontal Disease (Dr Tom Lonsdale)

* Disc 5: A copy of all highlights. A great way to get an overview of the entire weekend for those short on time. Each highlight clip is also available free on our website.

Price includes international postage.

Price: $16.00