2008 Symposium DVD Set - Australian customers     
Set of 5 DVDs featuring all presentations from the 2008 Symposium. Each disc has a professional menu screen so you can skip straight to the presentation you want. There is approximately 10 hours of footage overall.

* Disc 1: History of Domestication (Bob Church), Blockages (Dr David Neck), Heartworm (Dr Lynda Bonning)

* Disc 2: Enrichment (Bob Church), Ferret-proofing inside and out (Shirley Hewett), Adrenal Disease (Dr Jerry Murray)

* Disc 3: Teeth & Diet (Bob Church), Sarcoptic Mange (Dr Lynda Bonning), Insulinoma (Dr Jerry Murray)

* Disc 4: Diet Logistics (Shirley Hewett), Cardiomyopathy (Dr David Neck), Natural Diet & Periodontal Disease (Dr Tom Lonsdale)

* Disc 5: A copy of all highlights. A great way to get an overview of the entire weekend for those short on time. Each highlight clip is also available free on our website.

Price includes postage to anywhere in Australia.

Price: $10.00